Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trans-clear cube

Trans-clear cube
Originally uploaded by nyclug.
Made from 54 8x8 trans-light blue plates, held together with 1x12 trans-clear bars and 1x6 trans-clear plates. The "tripod" comprises three 2x2x11 supports. Dog is NOT made out of Lego. :-)

Welcome to NYCLUG's Blog!

This is the first post. October 1, 2006. It's finally up and running. Now, if we can just get some members... :-)

NYCLUG first got together more than two years ago, inside the Atrium at Citigroup Centre in midtown Manhattan. Since then, we've had three other get-togethers... but not much activity since then. It's quite difficult to get a bunch of AFOL's together in New York City. A couple lived in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, an honorary guest from Jersey, and then there's me -- way out on Staten Island!

So, we're now trying to revive the franchise -- er, the LUG. We hope that soon, the New York City LEGO Users Group will become a community of like-minded AFOL's who reside in the New York City metroplitan area, who meet on a semi-regular basis to build with LEGO, discuss LEGO, trade LEGO, and, of course, buy LEGO.

We'll need to see what sort of interest there is out there before we can start setting up our first meeting, which at this point probably won't be until January. But, there's no rule against a few prospective members meeting up beforehand!

So... Let's get it started! (Again!)

Our email address is nyclug [at] If you are interested in joining up, send an email here.

We have a Flickr page:

Feel free to shoot ANY questions you may have my way via the email above.

Thanks all... and play well!